A Blog for Every Librarian

After reviewing several blogs for education, now I want to narrow my scope a bit and talk about blogs specifically for Librarians.  As Library Media Specialists, we tackle a myriad of challenges within our library and provide hundreds of services for our schools and neighborhoods. The following blogs address issues specific to our profession and provide excellent resources for all Library Media Specialists both in public education and in the community.

1. The Unquiet Librarian

When looking for a blog that covers all aspects of being a librarian, look no further than The Unquiet Librarian. The author, Buffy J. Hamilton, has over twenty years experience working in public education, school libraries and community libraries. With this diverse career portfolio, her blog muses on topics both light and heavy. She has special interests in Ethnography and the role libraries play in fostering, developing and documenting cultural shifts in communities. A recent post titled Smile Because It Happened: An Ethnographic Project Looking at Institutional Culture Change and Transforming Communities (And Why Librarians Should Pay Attention) delves into this subject with great detail. Her posts intertwine personal experiences with professional articles, videos and research. Hamilton is truly an expert in the field, presenting lectures at major library conferences around the country, participating in massive library promotional projects, and creating forums for innovation and discussion. This is by far, one of the best library blogs I have come across in the past few years and I highly recommend anyone who is even remotely interested in the field to save it in their bookmarks. 

2. The Adventures of Library Girl

The Adventures of Library Girl is one of my hands-down, favorite, go-to blogs. I personally feel that I can relate to author Jennifer LaGarde because we both work in middle schools and have an almost geeky passion for learning. An example of this is in her most recent update Librarians are NOT Knowledge Keepers- Pass it On. In this post, LeGarde expresses frustration about encountering a widely spread internet meme that creates the notion of librarians standing between people and information.  She explains her reasoning, and even goes so far as to create a visual poem (free for all to distribute on the web with permission) to counter the Meme she found so irking.  Her attention to detail on such topics is refreshing. She never complains about anything in the library without effectively doing something about it. Perhaps this is why she won the  2012 Library Journal Movers and Shakers award! You can find her Visual Poem here:

3.  Cathy Jo Nelson’s Professional Thoughts

Cathy Jo Nelson’s Professional Thoughts is a practical blog that librarians can quickly gain new creative ideas from and immediately implement them into their daily practices.  She provides reviews of services, gives tutorials on new technologies and delves into the use of social media and digital citizenship in the classroom. Through her blog, I’ve found out about services like Remind101, which allows teachers to send text messages to students or parents without divulging their personal phone numbers. I’ve used this service with my chorus singing groups for practice reminders, and so far it has worked out great. I would have never known about Remind101 without stumbling upon Ms. Nelson’s screencast and blogpost. Ms. Nelson also blogs about ideas for book club themes, display walls, and how to implement social media for professional uses.

4.  Screwy Decimal

The blog Screwy Decimal is all about life as an urban librarian. Many librarians work in schools or communities that are in danger of budget cuts and resource restrictions. The more people I talk to in the profession, the more I hear the need to advocate for our school and public libraries. Written by Brooklyn librarian, Rita Meade, this blog deals heavily with the topics of supporting urban communities, providing resources to lower-income families and making the most of our libraries with less money than ever before.  Ms. Meade writes thoughtful and hilarious posts dealing with topics ranging from book graffiti to how libraries change young people’s lives.  Many of her posts will make you laugh out loud, while others like the one mentioned above, will sink your heart to the depths of your soul. Ms. Meade reminds us of the emotion that goes into our jobs as librarians, educators, lovers of learning and mentors.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of these four library blogs. There are literally thousands more floating around on the great big World Wide Web. Feel free to drop a line in the comments and let me know which blogs are your favorite and why.



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2 responses to “A Blog for Every Librarian

  1. Thank you for sharing you thoughts and turning me onto the Screwy Decimal and The Adventures of Library Girl. Both of those blogs — looked at after reading the information you provided — we interesting and contained information I will find useful. I look forward to following them in the future.
    Did you see any way you could use these blogs to help promote or encourage blogging among the teachers in your school?

  2. Don’t you love that blogging allows many different views on the same topic? We have librarians sharing technology tips, how to deal with every day issues and those that work to make libraries thrive against budget cuts. Blogs can inform us and keep us to date with what is going on in our profession at no cost. This is great!

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